Translated Documents

Documents must be translated into English or French

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About Translated Documents

If your documents are not in English or French, they must be translated:

  • We will accept translations from a certified or official translator
  • For more information see Policy 2.5 – Translated Documents
  • To find certified translation organizations visit the International Federation of Translators
  • In the specific case of translated documents, we must receive the original certified translation
  • Notarized copies of translations are not accepted

Providing Translated Documents

There are three ways you can send translated documents to us:

Method 1 – You can have the documents you can send to CAPR (e.g. degree) translated by a certified translator.

  1. Send your documents to a certified translator
  2. Ask the translator to translate the documents word for word. The certified translator must attach the documents in the original language to the certified translation.
  3. You can send the translated documents you received from the translator (these cannot be copies, they must be original certified translations). Include the copies of the original language documents (like your degree).

Method 2 – Your university sends translated documents

  1. You request that the school’s official translator translates your documents.
  2. Your university sends the original translated documents to CAPR directly.
    • Your school sends the original language documents with the translations.

Method 3 – Your university sends original documents to CAPR and your certified translator sends translations directly to CAPR

  1. Your school sends un-translated documents to CAPR.
  2. CAPR makes photocopies of the un-translated documents and places a mark on them.
  3. These photocopies are sent to you.
  4. You take the marked photocopies to a certified translator.
  5. The certified translator sends the translation directly to CAPR, along with the marked photocopies.