December 15, 2023

CAPR Welcomes New Exam Partner

By Adam Sayers, Manager, Examinations

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) is committed to providing clients with the best possible experience while on their journey to becoming physiotherapists in Canada.

Recently, as part of that commitment, CAPR launched its new Client Portal to better serve clients engaged in the credentialling process as well as those preparing for the Written Component of the Physiotherapy Competency Exam (PCE). The Client Portal provides all clients with the ability to apply and manage their credentialling and PCE applications in a completely digital environment.

The launch of the Client Portal is just one recent example of our continuing commitment to the use of technology to enhance the experience of our clients.

Today, CAPR is proud to announce a new partnership that builds on that commitment and strengthens our ability to deliver high-quality services.

Beginning with our next scheduled exam in January, the delivery of the Written Component of the PCE will be supported by risr/, an assessment and learning platform specializing in the delivery of high-stakes exams.

Based in the United Kingdom, risr/ specializes in assessment, training, and continuing professional development for many international organizations, including the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Using its well-established platform, which manages and delivers exams from creation, preparation, and delivery to analysis, reporting, and feedback, risr/ will provide CAPR clients options for remote proctoring as well as in-person testing centres. The in-person testing centres will be coordinated by risr/ in collaboration with CAPR, allowing CAPR to have more control over the candidate experience and increasing capacity for exam administrations.

We are proud to welcome risr/ to CAPR and excited for what this new partnership means for our clients.

If you are a candidate registered for the January 15, 2024 exam, please watch for an email from the CAPR team with more information, including an invite to a webinar hosted by CAPR and risr/. This email will be sent during the week of December 18.

As previously announced, CAPR has committed to providing clients with 10 exam date options next year. While four dates have been confirmed, the remaining exam dates for 2024 will be announced in January.

Anyone who is planning to take the Written Component of the PCE is encouraged to learn more about risr/ by accessing our Written Component Tutorial.    

To support the transition to a new exam partner, CAPR has added resources to its website to provide accurate and helpful information for everyone preparing for the Written Component of the PCE. Questions related to risr/ or the administration of the PCE can be directed to


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