January 12, 2022

Important Announcement: CAPR discontinues Clinical Component, accelerates innovation

The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) announces the discontinuation of the Clinical Component of our Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE). CAPR will no longer be administering the Clinical Component either virtually or in person in its current form. We will continue to credential internationally educated applicants and to administer the Written Component which is delivered both face-to-face in exam centres and remotely using remote proctoring.

Candidates must pass the Written Component to be eligible for a provisional/interim license through a provincial or territorial regulatory College. If you have passed the Written Component, we recommend that you contact your regulator for details about the process they require for you to become fully licensed.

The move comes not only as a result of the pandemic and the inability to offer large scale clinical examination but also as we begin a major effort to review and re-conceptualize evaluation services for entry-to-practice physiotherapy in Canada.

In discontinuing the Clinical Component, we join a lengthening list of organizations in healthcare that are re-envisioning competency assessment examinations for entry-to-practice healthcare providers. There has been debate globally about how domestic and internationally educated physiotherapist candidates can demonstrate competency to enter physiotherapy practice. We will now turn our focus to envisioning the future of leading-edge assessment.

Earlier this month we announced that we will be recruiting members to join the Expert Advisory Panel which will help design the future of our evaluation services, and on January 7, 2022 we put out a call for new members to join our Evaluation Services Committee. We will continue to provide updates as our innovation work progresses over the coming year and we will be seeking input from you to ensure we’re on the right path.

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