Cost Estimator

This cost estimator will give you an idea of what the minimum costs might be.

Physiotherapist in blue scrubs helping man extend his arms using yellow stretching band

The cost estimator will help you estimate some of the costs you will incur after completing your education to obtain your Physiotherapy licence in Canada.

The list of items below includes the most common costs incurred during the credentialling assessment, written exam and clinical exam phases. Space is included for you to provide an estimate of anticipated costs that you may incur while preparing for the credentialling assessment, written exam and clinical exam as well as a list of standardized fees associated with the application. Each item selected will be added to the total cost estimated in the Summary section.

The amount in the Cost Estimator Tool should be considered an estimate of the minimum costs you may incur.

Note: In January 2022, CAPR discontinued the administration of the Clinical Component of the PCE. Please disregard any references to the Clinical Component on our website and in our resources as we update this information. If you have successfully completed the Written Component of the PCE, please contact your regulator for details about the process they require for you to become fully licensed.

DISCLAIMER Note that the examples presented are for illustrative purposes only and are not reflective of applicants educated in a particular school or country. These examples have been provided only to demonstrate potential scenarios and costs.

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DISCLAIMER: This is just an estimate of costs