February 28, 2024

Change to Supervised Clinical Practice Hours Policy


CAPR has made changes to the Supervised Clinical Practice Hours policy.

To determine whether an internationally educated physiotherapist’s (IEPT’s) training is substantially equivalent to that offered in Canada, several criteria must be met, including:

Successful completion of a minimum of 1025 hours of supervised clinical education as part of their university-level, entry-to-practice degree in physiotherapy. IEPTs with fewer than 1025 hours but at least 820 hours of supervised clinical education may qualify for a review of prior learning (i.e. post-graduate work experience) to make up the additional hours.

While many IEPTs can demonstrate that they have obtained the minimum number of hours through education or a combination of education and work experience, some cannot or must overcome significant hurdles to acquire the required hours.

To ensure that IEPTs with the appropriate education and training are eligible to move forward to the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) we have made the following updates to the policy:

  1. Lowered the minimum supervised clinical practice hours threshold to qualify for a review of prior learning from 820 hours to 700.

  2. Introduce flexibility in the policy language to provide CAPR with some discretion when applying the minimum hours requirement (consideration given to advanced education practice hours, completion of approved bridging/refresher programs, hours of practice as a physiotherapist).

This policy change took effect February 20, 2024, for detailed information, please review the policy: https://alliancept.org/internationally-trained/credentialing-overview/policies/2-10-supervised-clinical-practice-hours/.

If you have any questions, please contact the credentialling team at credentialling@alliancept.org.

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