2.10 Supervised Clinical Practice Hours

Date Approved: May 9, 2013

Date Effective: May 9, 2013

Date Revised: February 24, 2020, February 20, 2024

This policy applies to all internationally-educated physiotherapists applying to CAPR’s credentialling process.

Minimum requirements for supervised clinical practice hours are necessary to ensure that clinical practical skills were attained and evaluated and represent the skills expected of a university-trained graduate across the scope of practice present in the Canadian healthcare system.

To provide clarity regarding the minimum requirements an applicant must have with respect to supervised clinical practice hours.

Supervised clinical practice consists of supervised and evaluated experience as a physiotherapist-in-training within an entry to practice program, where the student gains practical experience and engages in a range of professional opportunities in various settings, for the purpose of learning and applying physiotherapy knowledge, skills, behaviours and clinical reasoning. Supervised clinical practice does not include academic classroom hours or practice on other students or staff. (Adapted from the 2011 Clinical Education Guidelines for Canadian University Programs.)


An applicant’s entry-to-practice, university-level physiotherapy degree must have a component of supervised physiotherapy clinical practice that consists of:

• A minimum of 1025 hours of supervised clinical education in total, with

• A minimum of 100 hours musculoskeletal, 100 hours in neurological and 40 hours in cardiorespiratory conditions.

The applicant must have successfully completed the minimum number of hours outlined above.

Where an applicant has an entry-to-practice, university-level degree in physiotherapy, the successfully completed supervised clinical practice hours may be accepted from the following sources:

• The entry-to-practice, university-level degree in physiotherapy from a recognized university;

• A college-level program in physiotherapy, from a recognized institution where the hours have been explicitly accepted as transfer credit by the recognized entry-to-practice, university-level degree program in physiotherapy;

• A non-entry-to-practice, university-level program in physiotherapy from a recognized university.

Where an applicant does not meet the required hours of supervised clinical practice

An applicant may be eligible to address gaps in supervised clinical practice hours by having hours recognized as prior learning. Additional information about an applicant’s education and work experience demonstrating a more fulsome picture of their education and experience can be considered where an applicant has successfully completed:

• A minimum of 700 hours of supervised clinical education in total, and

• A minimum of 80 hours in musculoskeletal, 80 hours in neurological, and 40 hours in cardiorespiratory conditions

The following information may be eligible for recognition as prior learning:

• Completion of CAPR-approved bridging/refresh programs;

• Hours worked as a physiotherapist in a jurisdiction outside of Canada.

[1] Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging (OIEPB) Program at the University of Toronto (English)