Fees & Payment

Woman therapist with white long sleeve helping man with a green shirt use dumbell

Fees for Credentialling

Assessment of Educational Credentials and Qualifications$1,486
Administrative Reconsideration$410
Re-Opened File Review (Re-Assessment)$546
Rejected Cheque /Credit Card fee$48
Duplicate documents request fee$35
Archived document retrieval fee$47
International Courier Fee$171

*Note that fees are subject to change without notice.

Forms of Payment

We must receive all fees before processing your application. We do not accept payment by debit cards, debit credit cards or personal cheques.

Provide payment by:

  • credit card (online through the Client Portal)
  • by money order, cashier’s cheque, international bank draft – see instructions.
  • Note, only bank drafts that are negotiable without charge in Canada are accepted.
    • Bank drafts must contain a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code.
    • Pay to: “Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators”
  • If the payment is not received by the application/submission deadline, your application will be closed and the payment will be returned to you.

If you would like more Information on financial assistance and support visit the Resources section.