Applying for Credentialling

To begin Stage 1, proving you have met the requirements to become licenced, you must create an account.

Woman therapist with white long sleeve helping man with a green shirt use dumbell

CAPR requires all applicants to create an account in the Client Portal.

To begin your application process, follow these steps:

Step 1: Login or create an account

Go to the Client Portal:

  1. If you are a NEW client,
    1. Click the ‘Create Account’ button
    2. Complete all the required fields
    3. Click ‘Submit’
  2. If you are an existing client sign in

Step 2: Create the application

  1. Within your client profile, click on the ‘Apply’ tab
  2. Click on ‘Create Credentialling Application’
    • The ‘Create Credentialling Application’ button will only show for applicants who are eligible to apply for credentialling
    • If you believe that you are eligible to apply, but do not have access to the button, please contact 

Step 3: Review

  1. Review the ‘Important Information’
  2. Check the boxes to certify the statements are true
  3. Click on the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button

Step 4: Payment Options

  1. On the ‘How would you like to pay?’ page, select your preferred payment option from the dropdown field
  2. Click ‘Next’
    • We do not accept payment by cash, debit credit cards, or personal cheques.
    • Provide payment by: MasterCard/Visa (online through the Client Portal)

    • by money order, certified cheque, bank draft – see instructions for international bank drafts
      • Only bank drafts that are negotiable without charge in Canada are accepted
      • Bank drafts must contain a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code
      • Pay to: “Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators”
    • Your application will remain “Unpaid” (i.e., it will not be considered received) until the payment has been received and processed by our office.

Step 5: Payment by Credit Card

  1. After you have selected payment by credit card, you will be directed to a Shopping Cart to complete the payment.
  2. Fill in the required fields
  3. Make sure the billing address is correct
  4. Click ‘Submit Order’
    1. Once payment has been successfully processed, an ‘Order confirmation’ screen will display
  5. Click the ‘Back’ button to return to the ‘Apply’ tab.
    • If someone else is paying on your behalf with their credit card, on the shopping cart page make sure you change the billing address of the credit card holder first
      • Click on ‘billing address’ at the bottom of the page. Put in the address of the credit card holder
    • Then fill in the rest of the credit card information

Step 6: Upload Documents

  1. Within the ‘Application List’ on the ‘Apply’ tab, click on the ‘Details’ button on your ‘Credentialling Application’
  2. Within the table, click ‘Upload Document’
  3. Complete the fields with the relevant information from your document
  4. Click ‘Choose File’, select the pdf version of your document, and click ‘Open’
    1. Documents must be submitted in .pdf format. Files submitted in any other format will not be accepted
    2. Do not upload multiple identity documents in one pdf
  5. Click ‘Upload’
  6. Once you see the ‘Document has been uploaded’ notification, click ‘Submit’
  7. You will be returned to the ‘Required Documents’ table:
    1. the ‘Document Name’ and ‘Received Date’ will now be listed
    2. the ‘Accepted’ field will show ‘Pending’
  8. Click ‘Back’ to return to the ‘Apply’ tab.