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Financial Assistance

Health Match BC Bursary Program

The British Columbia Ministry of Health announced a new bursary program for internationally educated physiotherapists. The program offers financial support related to credentialling assessment including but not limited to:

  • the cost of assessment
  • language tests
  • bridging programs.

Health Match BC will be administering the program in cooperation with the British Columbia Ministry of Health.

Learn more about this bursary program.

Microloan Programs

There are microloan programs at several organizations to help recent immigrants to Canada. The program is supported by the Government of Canada and other agencies. Low interest loans of up to $15,000 are available. Funds can be used to cover a cost related to accessing the workforce, including:

  • qualification assessment
  • exam and licensure fees
  • tuition fees for training and skills upgrading
  • books and course materials
  • professional association fees
  • other costs relating to obtaining accreditation/training as required

For more information on the organizations that administer the microloan program in Canada, please visit their websites:

N4 – National Newcomer Navigation Network

N4 is a national network for the diversity of providers who assist newcomers in navigating the complex Canadian healthcare and social service systems.

N4 provides opportunities for professional development, education, virtual discussions, networking, and the sharing of data and resources.

Visit N4’s website for more information.