Process & Assessment Timelines

Remember that Stage 1 of your credentialling process must be completed before you begin Stage 2, the Physiotherapy Competency Examination.

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We must receive all documents before we begin to process your application.

  1. Application – create a profile and submit your application through the CAPR
  1. Identity documents – remember to upload these documents through the Client Portal
  1. Diploma, Degree or Certificate documents – upload a copy of this document through the Client Portal or have your school send an attested copy
  1. Verify your educational institution has sent the required documents – you can do this 90 days before you send in your application
  1. Verify your language agency has sent your test results-  you can do this 90 days before you send in your application

Application Timeline

Your application will only be assessed once all of the required documents have been received. CAPR will notify you once your assessment begins.

Your assessment will fall into one of two categories:

  1. Precedent: your application is similar to past applications
  2. Non-precedent: your application is unique and needs to be reviewed an assessment agency

Current Credentialling Assessment Times

Files with precedent established
(Precedent files)
Files without a precedent*
(Non-precedent files)
14 weeks16 weeks
(as of July 15, 2024)(as of July 15, 2024)

The standard for the length of time to assess a foreign credential is 26 weeks. This follows the Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications.

*The majority of files without a precedent are being processed within this time, however some applications may take longer depending on agency response times.