Bridging Programs

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CAPR  does not offer training or exam preparation courses to candidates wishing to prepare for the exam.  However, CAPR partners with external organizations that provide this service.

Internationally-educated physiotherapists can benefit from additional training and support to become licensed to practise in Canada – especially with regards to learning more about how physiotherapy is practised in Canada.  Bridging Programs, offered by several Canadian universities, are able to deliver services which meet the unique needs of this group.  Typically, these programs offer customized classroom work, clinical placements and workshops aimed at helping candidates prepare for the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) and successfully transition into the workforce once licensed.

There are currently a number of Bridging Programs for internationally-educated physiotherapists operating in Canada. Many of these programs are also open to Canadian-educated candidates looking to brush up on particular exam-writing and clinical skills.

However, please note that if CAPR identifies your education as substantially different to that of a Canadian educated physiotherapist, a Canadian physiotherapy bridging program cannot take your education from substantially different to substantially equivalent and make you eligible for the PCE. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you complete the CAPR credentialling process prior to applying to any physiotherapy bridging programs.

For more information on curriculum, eligibility, enrollment and fees, please refer to their websites:

Bridging programs for candidates wishing to practise in Quebec: