Alternative Credential Evaluation Applicants

If you are currently living in Canada, you may want to consider working in an alternative profession, such as Physiotherapy Assistant, while going through the credentialling, examination and licensure process.

physiotherapist in blue scrubs making notes on a clipboard while elderly man watches from his seat on exam table

Valid reasons for seeking another method of credentialling may include:

  • You have been impacted by war, natural disaster or political persecution
  • Your institution has closed and can no longer submit the required documents
  • You institution has destroyed your records
  • Other circumstances considered valid by CAPR.

Explain Your Reason

If applying for an ACE you must:

  • describe what prevented you from providing the required documents
  • describe what steps you have taken to try to get the necessary documents

Build a Portfolio

If CAPR confirms that the reasons are valid we will help you build a portfolio. CAPR must have at least one officially issued document to start the process.

If you are unable to provide the requested documents for reasons outside of your control, please contact Our team will guide you through your options and how you can apply for an ACE.

Important Information about ACE:

  • Applicants who can complete the standard evaluation process are not eligible.
  • ACE is not faster or easier than the standard credentialling evaluation process.
  • Financial cost of obtaining documents is not a valid reason for an ACE.