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Federal Skilled Worker Program

You can apply for your credentialling assessment with CAPR before, during or after your FSWP assessment. It is up to you to decide which is best for your situation. We cannot advise you regarding what to do with respect to the FSWP. It is an immigration process that is entirely independent from the credential assessment done by CAPR.

Yes, the education assessment done for the FSWP only reviewed some of your physiotherapy qualifications. CAPR continues the assessment to determine whether or not your education is substantially different from that of a Canadian-educated physiotherapist to determine whether or not you are eligible to sit the Physiotherapy Competency Exam.

No, you will first need to complete CAPR’s Educational Credential and Qualifications Assessment. Please see the above question.

If your education has been assessed by WES, ICAS or IQAS for an FSWP application, we may be able to accept a copy of their assessment report and a verified copy of your official transcripts if they were sent directly from your university to WESICAS or IQAS. We will not accept copies from you, the applicant. Any costs that WES or ICAS or IQAS may charge are your responsibility. In some cases, it is possible that this may shorten the amount of time to gather and process all the necessary documents for your CAPR file, however there is no guarantee that this will shorten your overall assessment timeline. If you make these arrangements it may save you from paying for a second set of transcripts from your university, however we cannot guarantee that a copy of your transcripts from WES, ICAS or IQAS will be sufficient. If we determine that your file requires additional research, then you will be required to arrange for a copy of your transcripts to be sent to our office directly from your university.

NOTE: Transcripts refers to mark sheets/marks cards/statement of marks for applicants educated in certain countries.

We require the WES report that contains a verified copy your official transcript. The WES International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) is the report that contains the verified copies of your transcript. Please contact WES or visit their website for further information:

Please refer to the Credentialling Overview for information on how to apply for a credentialling assessment with CAPR, and refer to the Credentialling Forms page to download the necessary forms for your CAPR application. Then email ( our office so that our Client Services Coordinator can advise you regarding exactly what we need from you, from your school, and from your education assessment agency (WES, ICAS or IQAS). When mailing in your application, please indicate on the application or in an attached note that you are an FSWP applicant. This will alert us to the fact we may receive some of your documents in a slightly different format or from a different agency.

Refugees and Protected Persons

Yes, CAPR assesses physiotherapy education for any applicant, regardless of their immigration status in Canada, which includes refugees/protected persons. Please refer to our Alternative Credential Evaluation for more information.

Any one of the following documents can be used to prove your immigration status:
-Letter of decision from the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
-Confirmation of Permanent Residence document
-Verification of Status document
-Refugee Protection Claimant Document
-Immigration Record of Landing document
-Protected Persons Status Document
-Letters issued by CIC indicating that an individual’s application for protection has been allowed (successful Pre-Removal Risk Assessments PPRA)

You will need to include a cover letter mentioning this information with your application form. We will then contact you to get more information about your situation to provide you with more guidance on how to proceed with the assessment of your physiotherapy education.

Yes, you can still apply to CAPR. However, we will need more information from you as to why you are unable to get these documents from your home country and we may need to conduct research about this matter. CAPR has an alternative evaluation process for applicants who cannot access documents from their home country and we can determine if you qualify for this process. See question 5 for information on the alternative evaluation process.

The alternative evaluation process is designed for those who are unable to document their qualifications for certain reasons, such as limited access to their educational institutions or inability to access resources in their home country. This process is different from the regular CAPR process in that we will require different documents and evidence to prove an applicant’s education. Examples of documents or alternative evidence may include, but are not limited to:
-sworn affidavits
-witness statements/testimonials
-professional license/membership information
-applicant copies of transcripts/educational records
-demonstration of competencies through interviews, examinations or sample work.

Each applicant’s situation is unique, therefore, the process for alternative evaluations will depend upon your situation and what documents you currently possess or have access to. Please contact our office for more information.

No, if you are able to arrange for the required educational documents to come from your home country to our office, you will not qualify for the alternative evaluation process. You must apply for credentialling under our regular process. Please review the credentialling section of our website for information on how to apply.

Re-Opened File

A Re-Opened File Review is a re-assessment of your credentialling file that can be completed if you did not finish your initial credentialling process by not fulfilling any outstanding credentialling requirements or by not making an attempt at the PCE before your eligibility expires Policy 2.9. In order to re-assess your eligibility to attempt the exam, you may apply for a Re-Opened File Review. Your file will be re-assessed using the most current standards in place at the time of the Re-Opened File Review. Due to changing standards, there is no guarantee that you will receive the same credentialling outcome as your previous assessment.

You are eligible for a Re-Opened File Review if you have applied for credentialling previously, and:

• did not complete credentialling because you did not submit all of the required documents within 1 year of applying for credentialling and your file was never assessed, or

• your file was assessed by a Credentialling Officer, but you were unable to meet all of the requirements as outlined in your assessment letter before your deadline or eligibility period expired.

If you previously received an assessment letter but were unable to meet all of your requirements, please contact your Credentialling Officer by email and they will advise you further. If your file was never assessed or you are not sure who your Credentialling Officer is please email for assistance.

No.  After your first attempt at the PCE it is not possible to apply for credentialing again with the same credentials. For more information see policy 2.13 Credentialing Eligibility.

No. CAPR assesses entry-to-practice degrees only. If you have already gone through the process under an entry-to-practice physiotherapy credential and now have an advanced degree in physiotherapy from a country outside Canada, we will not assess the additional credential.

After you send us a complete application, we will then determine if we can use documents that were previously submitted. Some files may have been archived and have to be retrieved before deciding what documents are needed.

Once all the required documents are received, a re-opened file review or a re-assessment will be assigned as either a precedent or non-precedent case. Your case will be completed in sequence, like any other. The timeline may change and updates can be found on our website.