2.13 Credentialling Eligibility

Date Approved: June 17, 2020

Date Effective: June 17, 2020

This policy applies to internationally-educated physiotherapists applying to the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulator’s (CAPR) credentialling process.

“Credentialling” is the process of evaluating documentary evidence that an applicant provides to determine if their qualifications are not substantially different from the established or published standard in the receiving country or jurisdiction.

To provide clarity on who may apply for CAPR’s credentialling process.

To be eligible to apply to CAPR’s credentialling process, applicants must have completed all of the degree requirements for their program. In accordance with credentialling policy 2.7 Graduation Verification, applicants may begin the credentialling process prior to receiving the final degree or diploma, by having the educational institution submit the Graduation Verification form or official letter. While an applicant can begin the credentialling process with a Graduation Verification form or official letter, their final results cannot be released until the degree or diploma has been submitted and accepted by CAPR.

Applicants who successfully complete the credentialling process will be granted eligibility to attempt the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE). Once an applicant has completed their first attempt of the PCE, they are no longer eligible to re-apply for credentialling using the same credentials.

If an applicant’s credentials are assessed to be substantially different from that of a Canadian-educated physiotherapist and their application is denied, the applicant cannot re-apply for the credentialling process using the same credentials under the same credentialling standards.