2.2 Language Proficiency

Date Approved:  September 14, 2012

Date Effective:  April 1, 2023

Date Revised:  December 13, 2018, February 21, 2023, April 23, 2024


This policy applies to all internationally-educated physiotherapists applying to the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulator’s credentialling process.


As part of CAPR’s obligation to maintain high standards of quality and safety in physiotherapy practice, all internationally-trained physiotherapists must demonstrate proficiency in English or French as part of the credentialling process. This will ensure that physiotherapists licenced by CAPR’s members will have the language skills necessary to conduct their practice safely and effectively.


To clarify the language standards required by CAPR to demonstrate minimum language proficiency. CAPR encourages all applicants to check with their regional regulatory organization as each organization may have different language requirements.


  1. To become licensed or registered, an applicant must be fluent in either English or French. If they completed their entry-to-practice physiotherapy education (both classroom and clinical portions) in one of the following countries (where English or French is the official national and only language used primarily in all levels of education): Australia, United States of America, New Zealand, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, or France they do not need to complete a language proficiency test. If they completed their entire primary and secondary school education in Canada, they do not need to complete a language proficiency test.
  2. Applicants educated in other international jurisdictions must achieve the minimum score in each language skill area (writing, speaking, listening, and reading) on one of the approved language tests listed in this policy’s Appendix (see below).
  3. All scores must meet the minimum requirements in one sitting. Scores from multiples sittings cannot be combined to meet the language requirement.
  4. The language testing agency must submit the official language scores directly to CAPR within two years of the test date. If CAPR receives an official language test result before an application, the test results must still be valid (i.e. less than two years old) at the time the application is received.
  5. CAPR can begin credentialling assessments before receiving proof of language proficiency in English or French but cannot complete the assessment or distribute the Final Results Letter until proof of language proficiency has been provided.


Accepted Language Tests

  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program General (CELPIP G)
  • International English Language Testing System General Training (IELTS GT)
  • International English Language Testing System Academic (IELTS AC)
  • Pearson Test of English Core (PTE Core)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Test d’évaluation du français (TEF)
    • TEF Canada, TEF Quebec and TEF 5 épreuves
  • Test de connaissance du français (TCF)
    • TCF Canada, TCF Quebec and TCF Tout Public

Required Minimum Scores