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The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (CAPR) is a credentialling and assessment agency that provides evaluation services on behalf of the Canadian provincial and territorial physiotherapy regulators (called Colleges).

CAPR reviews the education and qualifications of applicants educated outside of Canada to determine whether they are substantially different from those of Canadian-educated physiotherapists.

CAPR also administers the Physiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE) to determine a candidate’s readiness for safe, effective and independent physiotherapy practice.

Get involved with CAPR and make a meaningful contribution to physiotherapy assessment in Canada. 

Who Should Apply?

  • All physiotherapists who hold a license in a category that permits independent and unrestricted clinical practice are welcome to apply. 
  • We highly value different perspectives and believe that these experiences enrich the quality of content, validity, and ensure fairness in entry-to-practice assessment. 
  • We are actively seeking to build teams that are made up of a mix of clinicians who represent the diversity of the profession.

Become an Item Writer

The Written Item Generation Teams (WIGT) are groups of physiotherapists who develop relevant, high-quality items for the PCE.

Item writers:

  • Create multiple-choice questions that test higher-order cognitive skills.
  • Review and revise items that have been used in previous examination administrations. 
  • Participate in other activities related to the development of the item bank.

Why You Should Become an Item Writer  

Your work will have an impact. You will play a vital role in ensuring all physiotherapists entering the profession across Canada meet the requirements for safe and effective practice. 

You will be trained in item writing best practices and collaborate with other physiotherapists in small teams to create and review questions for the PCE.

Time Commitment 

Item writers dedicate approximately 10 hours each month to the process of item development. This includes time for research, writing, review, and collaborating with team members.

Item writers receive an annual honorarium of $1000 for their work.


The Future of Entry-to-Practice Assessment in Canada

CAPR is working on an exciting two-year project focused on developing a new entry-to-practice model for competency assessment of individuals seeking licensure as a physiotherapist in Canada.

  • Development of a single licensure exam that assesses readiness for safe, effective, independent physiotherapy practice.
  • Development and implementation of an equivalency evaluation assessment for IEPTs who do not have comparable education.
  • Providing enhanced supports for IEPTs (and in some cases CEPTs) entering Canadian practice.

There will be multiple ways you may be able to contribute, including focus groups and pilot testing new tools. 


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