Award of Distinction

An award is given out annually by CAPR for outstanding contributions in the field of physiotherapy.

physiotherapist in blue scrubs making notes on a clipboard while elderly man watches from his seat on exam table

The CAPR Award of Distinction recognizes and celebrates an individual who upholds the highest level of professionalism while always keeping public interest at the forefront. 

This award honours those who have embedded ethical problem solving and decision-making skills into their day-to-day lives.

They also remain steadfast in continuing to provide guidance and mentorship to colleagues, and always strive for best practice in regulatory affairs while making an outstanding contribution to a regulatory organization or to physiotherapy regulation.

Previous Recipients

  • 2023 – Mark Hall
  • 2022 – Uriel Pierre
  • 2019 – Bernadette Martin and Shenda Tanchak
  • 2018 – Dianne Millette and Joyce Vogelgesang
  • 2017 – Nancy Cho
  • 2016 – Brenda Hudson and Sue Murphy
  • 2015 – Helen McKay
  • 2014 – Monika (Moni) Fricke
  • 2013 – Brenda McKechnie
  • 2012 – Lori Neill
  • 2011 – Joyce Vogelgesang