As President of CAPR’s Board of Directors I want to begin by acknowledging the hard work CAPR, its members and partners put in and our resilience in the face of challenges as we navigated one of the most difficult years in our history. I would like to formally thank all who supported CAPR and the entire physiotherapy community across Canada especially the impacted credentialling and examination candidates who placed their trust in us.

Despite the challenges of 2021, I believe it was a teaching moment that we can never forget. We have learned a great deal that can help us meet and exceed best practice standards in evaluation services and the development of robust regulatory policy.

Like other assessment agencies, CAPR learned bitter lessons this year as technology was not quite ready to deliver virtual examinations as intended. CAPR was bold in making efforts to meet the needs of candidates and others; however, our attempts did not result in a positive experience for us and the candidates. The lessons learned continue to be at the forefront of many discussions, with focus placed on the merits and future of physiotherapy competency assessment and ways in which we can advance evaluation practices.

Throughout 2021, CAPR Board of Directors remained committed to advancing its strategic priorities through our re-commitment to ongoing conversations. With our focus on transparency and good governance, CAPR proceeded with a governance review as well as a revision of the Evaluation Services Committee terms of reference, to ensure an improved dialogue with the whole physiotherapy community. We also initiated the creation of an Expert Advisory Panel with a highly diverse and expert group of panel members to guide our future progress and the implementation of a new model of evaluation services. The Registrars Committee efforts were focused on shared regulatory projects and coordinated pandemic-response measures.

In closing, I wish to thank the Board of Directors for their steadfastness in navigating the challenges that were brought to the CAPR Board of Directors discussions in 2021. Let me re-emphasize my appreciation for the work done by the CAPR and staff, led by Katya Masnyk with whom it has been a pleasure to work and learn from.

Respectfully submitted,
Denis Pelletier

“Through the Worst and the Best”

It is my pleasure to fill the role of Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of CAPR, bridging to the arrival of a new CEO. CAPR is well positioned for this transition thanks to the leadership and contributions of Katya Masnyk, CEO for more than 10 years, the remarkable leadership shown by Denis Pelletier, CAPR’s President and the Members of our Board of Directors.

We would like to recognize Katya’s devotion to advancing the work of CAPR, to building relationships and collaborations within and beyond physiotherapy and to supporting thousands of candidates in their process to becoming licensed to practice physiotherapy across Canada.

The entire staff of CAPR is most deserving of our praise and sincere thanks for their determined efforts to maintain and evolve our services in the face of pandemic restrictions and to respond to an unexpected surge in demand for our credentialling and examination services. Each member of our staff sacrificed a great deal during this year of uncertainty and challenges. We continue to be devoted to supporting candidates through their journey and regret that their progress to licensure has been disrupted during the pandemic.

Through it all, we acquired new competencies and continued to improve our practices and services. We are excited for the future which will emerge from the governance review and the Evaluation Services Committee’s advice to inform re-imaging the future of evaluation services.

I believe that during 2021 we saw the worst of external factors and the best of CAPR efforts. We thank you – our supporters – for your trust in CAPR and look forward to your continued engagement.

Respectfully submitted,
Monique Porlier
Interim Chief Executive Officer