Apply For Exam

The application, or registration, for the PCE must be done within the Client Portal.

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Important Guidelines for Applying for the PCE


  • Your application MUST be submitted by the application deadline listed on this page.
  • Deadlines are 11:59 p.m. (ET)
  • It is not possible to register for an exam after the application deadline has passed, even if the application was started before the deadline.
  • We only accept applications submitted through the Client Portal.
  • You may not register for more than one administration of the Written Component at a time.
  • You must wait for your results to be released before re-applying for the Written Component.
  • If you require an accommodation so that you can apply, please email

Identity documents:

  • When you submit your application for the PCE you must upload a copy of the valid, government-issued photo identity document. This is the identification you will need to have with you when you take the exam. The following types are accepted:
    • Canadian or foreign passport
    • Canadian driver’s licence
    • Canadian permanent resident card
  • Ensure that the name on your valid, government-issued photo identity document matches the name you provide when you apply for the PCE.
    • Test centre staff (or your remote proctor) at the time of the exam will confirm that the name on the appointment matches the identification you provide.
    • If the names do not match, the staff person or proctor has the right to deny you entry into the exam. If this happens, you will lose your entire exam fee.

Apply for the Written Component

Follow these steps to apply for the Written Component of the PCE.

Step 1: Go to the Client Portal

  1. If you are a new client,
    1. Click the ‘Create Account’ button
    2. Complete all the required fields
    3. Click ‘Submit’


  2. If you are an existing client — sign in to your account

Step 2: Within your client profile, click on the ‘Apply’ tab, and then on ‘Create PCE Written Application’.

  1. The ‘Create PCE Written Application’ button will only show for candidates who are eligible to apply for the Written Component
  2. If you believe that you are eligible to apply, but do not have access to the button, please contact  

Step 3: Within the application:

  1. Use the dropdown fields to indicate where you plan on practicing physiotherapy (at the time of applying), to select your exam date, and to choose the language you will take the exam in.
  2. Review the ‘Important Information’ list and check the boxes to certify the statements.
  3. Select an answer from the dropdown field about the disclosure of examination results.
  4. Click on the ‘Next’ button.

Step 4: Modality Selection:

  1. Use the dropdown to select your preferred modality.
  2. Click on the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button.

If choosing test centre, select your preferred location from the available options. Test centre availability is specific to each exam date; the options displayed are based on the exam date you are registering for. If a specific location is not listed in the options, then it is either not available or is at capacity. Test centre appointment times include an AM session and a PM session. CAPR does not accept requests for specific appointment times; candidates are responsible for making arrangements to attend the exam at their scheduled appointment time.

If choosing remote proctoring, please note that appointment times are based on the time zones in Canada, which range from UTC-8 to UTC-3. CAPR understands that some candidates will take the exam from locations outside of this range of time zones, and will assign such candidates to appointments that correspond to reasonable local time appointments to the extent possible within the limits of the times zones in Canada. To facilitate the scheduling process, please ensure that the address on your profile is up to date. If your address changes following the submission of this application, please update it in the ‘Profile’ tab as soon as possible.

Step 5: About payment options:

On the ‘How would you like to pay?” webpage, select your preferred payment option from the dropdown field,

  1. We do not accept payment by cash, debit cards, debit credit cards or personal cheques.
  2. Provide payment by:
    • MasterCard/Visa (online through the Client Portal)


    • by money order, certified cheque, bank draft – see instructions for international bank drafts
      • Only bank drafts that are negotiable without charge in Canada are accepted.
      • Bank drafts must contain a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code.
      • Pay to: “Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators”
      • Your application will remain “Unpaid” (i.e., it will not be considered received) until the payment has been received and processed.
      • If the payment is not received by the application/submission deadline, your application will be closed and the payment will be returned to you.

Step 6: If you pay by credit card you will be directed to your Shopping Cart;

  1. Fill in the required fields
  2. Make sure the billing address is correct
  3. Click ‘Submit Order’
  4. Once payment has been successfully processed, an ‘Order confirmation’ screen will display

Step 7: Once payment is made, click ‘Back’ at the bottom of the screen to return to the ‘Apply’ tab

Step 8: Within the ‘Application List’ on the ‘Apply’ tab, click on the ‘Details’ button on your ‘PCE Written Application’,

  • this will bring you to the ‘Required Documents’ table

Step 9: Within the ‘Required Documents’ table, click ‘Upload Document’

  1. Complete the fields with the relevant information from your identity document
  2. Click ‘Choose File’, select the pdf version of your identity document, and click ‘Open’
  3. Click ‘Upload’
  4. Once you see the ‘Document has been uploaded’ notification, click ‘Submit’

Step 10: You will be returned to the ‘Required Documents’ table:

  1. Now your information will appear under ‘Document Name’ and ‘Received Date’
  2. The ‘Accepted’ field will show a value of ‘Pending’
  3. Click ‘Back’ to return to the ‘Apply’ tab

Step 11: Testing Accommodations: If you need a testing accommodation for your exam to address a documented need

  1. Click on ‘Create Testing Accommodations Request’ within the ‘Apply’ tab
  2. This request should be made at the same time as you apply for the Written Component.
  3. For complete information on the Testing Accommodations process, go to the Testing Accommodations webpage.