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Need copies of your exam results? Need verification of exam registration?

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Duplicate Results

For candidates who want to have a copy, or duplicate, of their exam results, the process for requesting these duplicates is based on when you took your exam.

1. PCEs Completed Before March 2022:

For examinations that took place before March 2022, official results were mailed in paper format. You may need to reorder physical copies of your exam results, a certificate, or official receipt if:

  • The contents of your original results package have become lost or damaged.
  • You did not update CAPR with your new mailing address in a timely manner and your results have already been sent to an incorrect address

To request duplicate materials for an examination prior to March 2022:

  • Complete a Credit Card Authorization Form and authorize a $35 service fee ($35 is charged for each set of duplicates). At the bottom of the form write in what the payment is for (e.g., duplicate results for PCE, and include date of your exam)
  • If your address has changed, update it in the ‘Address’ section of the ‘Profile’ tab within your profile on the Client Portal
  • Email the form to exams@alliancept.org 

2. PCEs Completed in March 2022 or later:

For examinations that took place in March 2022 or later, official results were sent by email. 

To request another copy of your PCE results, email exams@alliancept.org

  • There is no service fee charged for the issuing of these duplicate results.

Verification Request Form

If a regulator requests that you ask CAPR to verify your exam registration as part of an application for a license to practice physiotherapy, please complete the Verification Request Form and email it to exams@alliancept.org

CAPR will process and email your completed Verification Request Form to the relevant regulatory college within 10 business days of receiving it.