Illness or Other Extraordinary Circumstances

physiotherapist in black scrubs making notes on a clipboard while answers questions from his seat on exam table

Before Examination Day

Candidates are responsible for assessing personal circumstances prior to attempting the exam. To optimize exam performance, you are strongly encouraged not to attempt an examination if prior to the examination you are ill or have extraordinary circumstances, including bereavement, that may affect your performance in the examination. In these situations, you should withdraw or reschedule from the examination. Fees apply.

On Examination Day

If you do not attend the examination, and did not submit a withdraw or reschedule request in advance, you will be considered a “no show” and you will forfeit your entire exam fee.

Considerations for partial refunds will be made for severe illness or extraordinary circumstances on the examination day. Supporting documentation related to a potential partial refund must be received by CAPR within 7 calendar days of the date of the exam. We will review your situation and consider treating your case as a withdrawal.

Extensions will be offered in circumstances where it is not possible for you to meet this timeline (for example, obtaining proof of death in the case of bereavement).

Decisions will be made on a case‐by-case basis.


  • If you are unable to attend an examination due to a matter that arises suddenly on the day of the exam, you must immediately notify CAPR by email at (Note that you may not receive a response from CAPR on that day, but your email will be included for consideration as we review your situation).
  • Complete the Candidate Medical Certificate form.
  • If absent from the examination due to bereavement, you must provide proof of death (copies are acceptable) verifying that the bereavement occurred at the same time as the examination.