Written Component

Learn about the format and content of the exam.

physiotherapist in black scrubs making notes on a clipboard while answers questions from his seat on exam table

What the Examination Covers

The Written Component of the PCE tests the essential competencies of physiotherapy practice. This includes the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for safe and effective physiotherapy practice. PCE testing topics include:

  • Taking a client’s history
  • Conducting a physical examination
  • Data interpretation
  • Clinical problem solving
  • Treatment techniques
  • Ethics
  • Safety
  • Interviewing
  • Communication

The following areas of practice:

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurological
  • Cardiovascular-respiratory

The Format of the Written Component

  • A 200-question, multiple choice examination.
  • Uses a computer-based test format.
  • Is available in both English and French.

After successfully completing the Written Component of the PCE, contact your regulator to learn more about requirements to become fully licensed. This may include an assessment of your clinical skills.