Rescheduling Exam Date

The instructions for rescheduling your exam depend on several factors. Follow the instructions closely.

physiotherapist in black scrubs making notes on a clipboard while answers questions from his seat on exam table

How to Reschedule Your Exam Date

If you need to change your exam date after you have registered, you can do so through a ‘Reschedule Request.’

To submit a Reschedule Request, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Client Portal, and sign in.

Step 2: Within your client profile, click on the ‘Apply’ tab, and then on ‘Create Exam Rescheduling or Withdrawal Request’

  1. The ‘Create Exam Rescheduling or Withdrawal Request’ button will only show for candidates who are registered for the Written Component

Step 3: Within the application:

  1. Select ‘Reschedule Request’ from the dropdown in the ‘Application Name’ field
  2. Select the exam date that you want to move to from the ‘New Exam Date’ field
  3. Click on the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button

Step 4: Payment options:

On the ‘How would you like to pay?” webpage, select your preferred payment option from the dropdown field

  • We do not accept payment by cash, debit cards, debit credit cards or personal cheques.
  • Provide payment by:

    1. MasterCard/Visa credit card (online through the Client Portal)


    2. by money order, cashier’s cheque, or bank draft – see instructions for international bank drafts.
      • Only bank drafts that are negotiable without charge in Canada are accepted
      • Bank drafts must contain a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code
      • Pay to: “Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators”
      • Your application will remain “Unpaid” (i.e., it will not be considered received) until the payment has been received and processed.
      • If the payment is not received by the application/submission deadline, your application will be closed and the payment will be returned to you.

Step 5: If you pay by credit card you will be directed to your Shopping Cart;

  1. Fill in the required fields
  2. Make sure the billing address is correct
  3. Click ‘Submit Order’
  4. Once payment has been successfully processed, an ‘Order confirmation’ screen will display

Step 6: Once payment is made, click ‘Back’ at the bottom of the screen to return to the ‘Apply’ tab.

Step 7: Once your request has been processed by CAPR staff, you will receive an updated Registration Notice for the new exam date.

At this point, you are eligible to schedule an exam appointment in that exam.

Note: Rescheduling Fees:

Fees for Rescheduling the Written Component

Timeframe:22 or more days prior to the exam date3 to 21 days prior to the exam dateLess than 3 days prior to the exam date

*Rescheduling fees are non-refundable.

Note: When you reschedule from one calendar year to another, the difference between the exam fee for the year that you are registered in and the fee for the year that you want to reschedule into (where applicable) will be charged in addition to the relevant fee from the table above.